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The South Africa 25th Anniversary International Conference is a unique, hands-on seminar that deals with the broad socio economic implications of democratic governance in South Africa.  


Participants are welcome to submit proposals for papers or other forms of presentations related to the following topics broadly defined:

Women & Gender Roles
Public Health and the Healthcare Industry

Investment, Entrepreneurship and Business Development
Urban Governance and Public Administration
Music, Art, Entertainment and Culture
Engineering, Infrastructure Development and Urban Planning

 Mass Media, Social Media & Communications

Proposals should be no longer than one page long and include; the name and affiliation of all presenters (please indicate if you will be presenting alone, as a group or would like to propose a panel), a brief explanation of what you intend to research, your methodology and the broader implications or significance of your research.  The deadline for the submission of proposals will be February 1st  International (non-South African based) participants may submit their proposals earlier in order to have adequate time to make travel arrangements.  

Please email all proposals to


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